In response to the urgency of actively participating in the protection of our environment and the health of individuals, we joined the will of consumers in their needs for more transparency and naturalness. We offer ingredients obtained from renewable resources using an original eco-responsible process.

This innovative extraction process by phyto-fermentation we apply to plant materials is a clean process: it meets the requirements of sustainable development, without synthetic inputs or genetically modified organisms. It guarantees the naturalness of the finished product and it is organic by essence. The choice of organic raw materials is made with awareness to respect biodiversity. Their origin, preferably local, and their traceability are key elements of their sustainability.

The process provides completely biodegradable ingredients and everything is recoverable: positive impacts on the environment. The ingredients in liquid form are in aqueous phase and the ingredients in dry form well-adapted to solid cosmetics are more ecological.

 The process efficiency also allows us to recover by-products from agriculture and agro-industries, thus promoting the up-cycling of materials still rich in compounds of interest for cosmetics and limiting the amount of waste to treat.

The strong growth of 42% in 1 year of “clean beauty” in the world (Source: NPD Group) shows the awareness of the need for ingredients from nature, vegan and preferably organic by consumers and by major cosmetic brands.

BioCorium sustainability