Phyto-fermentation is the term we have chosen to designate the action of our microorganisms – food ferments on plant substrates to feed and grow under controlled conditions. Unlike fermentation, phyto-fermentation is more than a breakdown of sugars to produce acids or alcohol. It’s a huge metabolic cascade that mutually involves each member of our microbiotic consortium. Each one has its role to release plant active compounds. Our role will be to ensure that the process takes place in the best conditions and that vital balance is reached at the end of fermentation. The plant substrate, whether dried or fresh, is directly the site of the action of symbiotic microorganisms: Extraction, Protection, Biocoversion of the various characteristic compounds of the substrate. From this mutual action arises a great diversity of molecules released in the medium (oligomers, amino acids, peptides, flavonoids, aldehydes, vitamins, fatty acids…). The totum of the plant thus phyto-fermented gives unexpected and new properties.


We master this process from the production of ferments until the definition of optimal phyto-fermentation conditions to obtain the final ingredient. To control the action of microorganisms we carry out precise monitoring of the physico-chemical and biological parameters of the medium to guarantee optimal quality of the finished ingredient.

In particular, we finely control the duration of phyto-fermentation and thus we avoid the complete degradation of the substrate and compounds of interest or sensitive.

Preserving the diversity of the compounds is essential to the overall activity of the extract obtained, this is why simple stabilization by sterilizing filtration is envisaged for all of our liquid ingredients and gentle drying for our powders.

All phyto-fermented plant extracts are high quality to meet your needs. Depending on your applications, different ranges are available: Hiumic-SencesHiumic-PowdersTi-SencesAcetic-Sences.

phyto-fermentation process
phytofermentation process