What we do

Fermented plants and food have been used for well-being and health for thousands of years. Plants constitute an inexhaustible reservoir of interesting compounds, which can be proved by traditional medicines and herbalism. Fermentation is an ancestral process which allows preservation of food from animal or vegetal origin. But it needs to be well controlled and harnessed in order to guarantee consumers safety.

Our phyto-fermentation process includes symbiosis by nature at different levels.

Our symbiotic ferments are able to grow together and depending from each other. This 1st step provides a wide diversity of activities to process and extract plants.

Our ferments are influenced by the presence of the plant in a strong symbiosis. This consortium, from natural origin and non-genetically modified, is able to adapt and synthesize various enzymatic tools during their growth.

Our symbiotic phyto-ferments are composed of prokaryotic (bacteria) and eukaryotic (yeasts) species as well as microbiote (mainly prokaryotic) and human cells (eukaryotic). The plant is submitted to extraction-fermentation and this process releases compounds suitable for prokaryotic and eukaryotic growth in respect of natural life.

Nature is a universal and reliable teacher for the one who observes it.

Carlo Goldoni

symbiotic ferments

Through our engagements for sustainability, this process is respectful towards:

  • Environment: our patented process is green and clean, no synthetic input, no polluting output, low energy needs (mild operating conditions); each new development, each step of process include ecofriendly reflexion
  • Nature and naturality: we use organic plants and our phyto-ferments come from nature; we have developed our phyto-fermentation process following nature rules and we keep it in mind.
  • Human beings: we use safe inputs from natural origin as well as possible and we push for biodiversity, from ferments to skin, through plants; we build win-win relationship with our partners.

We offer phyto-fermented ingredients: standards, upon request and customized.