Acetic-Sences range

The infused plant is submitted to 2-step fermentation to produce vinegars of aromatic plants. Genuine products of our phyto-fermentation, our Acetic-Sences are more than simple macerate of plants. Without equivalent, they are compatible with other ingredients in cosmetic formulas. As starting substrate, tea brings its polyphenols and can be supplemented by active compounds from other plants.

  • Standard :
infused plant

Acetic-Ti : tea vinegar obtained by an extended fermentation of black tea. It is the basis of our other Acetic-Senses. Thanks to its astringent and purifying properties, it is recommended for hair care and skin care, especially for cleasing care, mask and toner.

  • Upon Request :

Vinegars of aromatic herbs obtained by phyto-fermentation.

Ingredients Plants / others Used parts
Acetic- Rosemary Camelia sinensis & Rosmarinus officinalis Leaves, flowering tops
Acetic- Holly Basil Camelia sinensis & Ocimum tenuiflorum Leaves
Acetic- Rose Camelia sinensis & Rosa damascena Rose buds


  • Customized :

For other combinations of plants or other teas, see customized services.

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