About us

BioCorium was created from our wills to develop a green process to treat plants and from our complementarity in skills and experience.

We are coming from French research with courses through key domains from Toulouse region (Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry) and scientific profiles that could be applied to industrial research and production in cosmetic sectors.


PhD in Enzymology and Biochemistry in Université de Technologie de Compiègne (1996), Master degree in food processing and R&D laboratory manager  from more than 10 years.  Enthusiast by plants, has developed skills and expertise in vegetal extracts’ fermentation.


Chemistry ingeneer (ENSIACET 1987) and PhD in Biotechnologies-microbiochemistry (1994), projects R&D in pharmaceutical (mastered issuance of active principles) and cosmetic (new raw materials, regulatory affairs) sectors, involvement in creation of Biotechnology companies and of its own structure in cosmetic regulations.

phyto-fermented plants

By combining our skills, we are proposing you to develop ingredients coming from our internal research as well as dedicated preparations for innovative cosmetic products. Our concept relies on specific micro-organisms capacities to provide naturally elements for nutritive and regenerating for skin and danders while respecting microbiote.


research for innovative products